Green jalapeno peppers in oil.
Green jalapeno peppers in slices, preserved in oil.
Unique combination of culinary traditions of Latin America and the Caucasus
Ideal for dishes from one of the world's most popular Tex-Mex cuisines-included in the UNESCO world cultural heritage!
Grown under the careful supervision of specialists of the company "Darsil" in the legendary Alazani valley-an ecologically safe region. It is made in Georgia by hand according to the original recipe. Peppers of exclusive maturity-late harvest on the eve of the first cold weather — more sharpness and sweetness!
There are no analogues of products on the world market!
Handicraft production is a seasonal product!
Regulated volume of annual output.
100 % natural ingredients
The perfect appetizer
The average severity
Composition green jalapeno pepper, water, vegetable oil, acidity regulator-acetic acid, sugar, fresh garlic, fresh parsley and celery, salt Characteristics Nutritional value (in 100 g of product): proteins-0.61 g, fats-6.40 g, carbohydrates-7.76 g. Energy value (caloric content) - 391.6 Kj/95.5 kcal