Pomegranate sauce with mint
Modern author's view of the traditional cuisine of Azerbaijan-pomegranate sauce for meat with wild mint.
Each bottle of sauce contains 3 kg of fresh pomegranate fruit or 2 kg of hand-peeled grains!
97% of the sauce is pomegranate pulp. Pomegranates are collected in the "high season" at the peak of taste, from October to December. The taste is perfectly integrated into steaks, meat and fish dishes. Gastronomic line designed with the following in mind
modern trends of healthy lifestyles and taste preferences of Russians
100 % natural composition
Only 2 % sugar!
Without salt
Composition pomegranate pulp, mint, black pepper crushed, Characteristics Carbohydrates-36 Energy value / caloric content (per 100 gr.)kJ 612/144