Saperavi natural wine syrup, non-alcoholic
Unique non-alcoholic syrups from natural wines-out of competition due to the taste and composition!
Add an element of Haute cuisine to your homemade lemonades, tea or dessert with a couple of simple movements!
Feel like a trendy bartender, preparing a creative cocktail with an unusual taste and bright aroma!
100% natural composition
Grown and produced under the careful supervision of Darsil experts
Saperavi is the main red grape variety in Georgian winemaking.
It is used in the production of traditional red and pink wines and for the production of red sparkling wine.
Wines from this variety are characterized by completeness and freshness of taste, they are fragrant and velvety.
Composition natural wine "Saperavi", sugar, acidity regulator-citric acid. Characteristics Nutritional value (in 100 g of product): carbohydrates-66 g. Calorie content 264 kcal / 1105 kJ