•8 pieces of black grain bread •2 mozzarella balls •1 medium eggplant •2 medium tomatoes •1 garlic clove •dogwood sauce - 2 tablespoons. •olive oil, salt, freshly ground black pepper
Eggplant Pinnacles
Step 1
Cut the eggplant slices with a thickness of 7 mm. add Salt, pepper and brush with olive oil. Heat the grill pan and fry the eggplant on both sides.

Step 2
Cut out bread circles with the diameter of the circle of eggplant. Grease the bread with olive oil and fry in a pan-grill until Golden brown. Grate the fried bread with garlic.

Step 3
Cut into rounds with a thickness of 7 mm the tomatoes and mozzarella. On a piece of bread, put a circle of eggplant. Then circle tomato, salt and pepper. Lay out a piece of mozzarella.