Chicken thigh fillet-1200G, Adjika Abkhazian "KINTO" with fresh garlic and herbs - 4 tbls Sauce: eggs-2pcs. (yolks), mustard-1tbls vegetable oil-300ml, yogurt-300ml, garlic - 3 cloves, dill-4 sprigs, salt, black pepper, lemon-1. Filling: Chinese cabbage-300g (6-8 sheets), tomatoes-300g, cucumbers-300g, vegetable oil for roasting, chicken thigh fillet-1200G, flat cake-5pcs
Chicken Shawarma
Marinate the chicken thigh in the Abkhazian adzhika "KINTO" with fresh garlic and herbs 30 minutes Sauce: break Eggs, separate the yolks from the proteins. Add mustard to the yolks. While stirring, pour a thin stream of chilled vegetable oil. Stir until smooth. Add the yogurt and stir again. Squeeze the garlic. Chop the dill with the branches and add to the sauce. Salt and pepper to taste, add lemon juice. Mix again. Sauce is ready. Filling: Chop the leaves of Chinese cabbage. Chop the tomatoes and cucumbers into small pieces. Fry the chicken in vegetable oil on a hot pan.  When the chicken is ready, cut it into strips.  Put cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, then chicken on pita bread, and pour about three incomplete tablespoons of sauce. Shawarma wrap: first, roll up lengthwise, then fold the edges and screw down. Pre-heat the Shawarma in a pan (without oil) so that the pita bread got a little crispy.