•100 g salted salmon fillet •2 tablespoons of KINTO Narsharab sauce •1/2 avocado •1/2 lime •Rocket •Cedar nut.
Salmon salad
Step 1
Cut the salmon fillet into small pieces and marinate in Narsharab sauce . At KINTO  there are several options pomegranate juice, so you will be able to choose to your taste of sweetness and sharpness.

Step 2
Cut the avocado into small cubes and sprinkle with lime juice. Put in a portion ring of avocado, gently press with a spoon into one smooth layer.

Step 3
Separate the salmon from the excess liquid so that the snack does not break up. Put the second layer on the avocado.

Step 4
Carefully remove the portion ring, holding the top of the container with a special press. Decorate the snack with a cap of arugula and pine nuts. For artistic elegance, add a drip pattern to the plate with a teaspoon and sauce