Chicken wings-4 kg, KINTO sauce "Tkemali classic" - 300g, orange - 1 PC., honey - 4 tbsp. l., chili - 1 PC., garlic - 1 head, malt concentrate-3C.l. salt, pepper, smoked paprika. Sauce: sour cream-0,5 kg, mint fresh-30g, juice of an orange. Garnish of fresh vegetables: carrots - 2 PCs., cucumbers - 10 PCs., celery stalk-4 leaves, radish-300 g
Spicy chicken wings in Caucasian style
Divide the wings into three parts (three phalanges). The tip of the wing tear off-it is not used in the preparation. Place the chicken in a large pot. Pour the plum sauce wings KINTO "Tkemali classic". Grate orange zest on a fine grater. Add honey. Chop the chili pepper, put in the marinade. Then add crushed garlic cloves and malt concentrate. Stir, salt, pepper and season with smoked paprika. Put the wings in the marinade on a baking tray, put in the oven at the maximum temperature in the "grill" for 35 minutes.  In the process of baking the wings should be mixed several times. While preparing the wings, make the sauce: add chopped mint and orange juice to the sour cream. Prepare garnish: clean and cut fresh vegetables .  Serving: chicken wings in malt sauce serve with sliced fresh vegetables and sour cream sauce.